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Birkenstock: timeless, changeable and comfortable - yesterday and today

Are you looking for trendy shoes or accessories from Birkenstock? The Birkenstock brand has long since ceased to be a synonym for stuffy or "eco", but encompasses much more than the mere toe sandals you might remember from your mother or grandmother. Instead, Birkenstock also focuses on shoes and shoe models that you can wear all year round. As with the 2019 autumn season, which has already begun. The focus this autumn is on natural and warm autumn tones, a timeless design and excellent wearing comfort round off the overall picture. High-quality materials, such as suede, ensure a timeless and chic appearance. Whether boots or flat shoes, the beginnings of Birkenstock, namely comfortable yet sturdy slippers, will of course not be forgotten. Instead, you can also look forward to great colours such as "Icy Metallic Anthracite" or "Doubleflece Port". Autumn 2019 therefore also offers the right Birkenstock shoe model for you.
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Special features of the Birkenstock brand

No matter whether you are looking for your favourite piece in the current collection or in the outlet or sale, Birkenstock sandals and shoes are characterised above all by their high wearing comfort and convenience. But what is the reason for this? The origins for an optimal feeling on your feet are mainly to be found in the workmanship and materials that Birkenstock uses for all models, no matter whether you look at the outlet or sale, you will always find the same quality. Just as characteristic is the original Birkenstock footbed. This is based on a footprint in the sand and is therefore particularly natural and back-friendly, or rather, gentle on the entire body and feet. This gives you the constant feeling of doing something good for yourself and your feet, while your foot finds sufficient support in your shoes or sandals.

Shoes for women & men

No matter whether you are a man or woman looking for shoes, accessories or sandals from the Birkenstock brand, you will find what you are looking for. As a man or woman, you can easily buy sandals or "normal" shoes. For women, there are countless interesting colours such as "Rose", "Pearly Hazel" or "Vibrant Yellow" as pretty colour accents for summer, spring or autumn, so that there are a number of possible combinations for you as a woman. As a woman, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to shoes: ballerinas, sneakers, boots, half shoes or lace-up shoes? You also have a very large selection of boots. For you as a man, there are of course a number of alternatives to the mere "sandal". Whether low shoes, lace-up shoes or sneakers, Birkenstock even offers cool and timeless boots. When it comes to accessories, both men and women can choose from bags, belts, socks, insoles, knitted accessories or replacement footbeds.
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This is Birkenstock

The history of the Birkenstock company goes back a long way: as early as 1774 there is an entry in the town register of Langen/Bergheim in Hesse about the name of Johann Adam Birkenstock, who worked as a shoemaker in the town. He was also registered as a subject of the then king. In 1896, master shoemaker Konrad Birkenstock not only ran two shoe shops in Frankfurt, but also sold flexible footbed insoles for the first time and manufactured them himself. Until 1899 the shoemaker travelled around and explained his concept of footbed insoles at lectures in Austria and Germany. He wanted to make his idea known to as many guilds or other masters as possible and conclude licensing agreements. In 1925, the local factory had to be expanded or developed due to the great demand. In 1932 Carl Birkenstock continues the shoemaker's lectures and gives specialist foot service courses. Doctors are also involved in the system and are enthusiastic about it. Later, an extra trade journal is even published, which sells very well. In 1963 the first gymnastic sandal "Madrid" is published. This model laid the foundation for the current models. Later on, when processing the sandals and school, they also use environmentally friendly adhesives etc. to protect the environment.

Outlets and Sales from Birkenstock

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