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Fjällräven is a Swedish outdoor clothing and equipment company. Fjällräven was founded in the small town of Örnsköldsvik with the goal of making nature more accessible for everyone. The simple, useful products are typically Swedish, as is the due respect for the environment. The nature-loving company stands for the development of durable, functional and timeless outdoor equipment and a responsible attitude towards people and nature. Fjällräven is committed to inspiring people to enjoy outdoor activities. Fjällräven is especially known for its so-called Kanken backpacks. This Swedish backpack classic from 1978 is now available in many different colours. It is in great demand in Fjäll räven Sale. A backpack was also the first product that Fjällräven's founder developed. Åke Nordin has been an adventurer since he was a small boy and loved to roam the wild nature. Later he thought about a suitable backpack for his nature adventures. So he wondered how to design a backpack so that he could carry equipment while sitting comfortably on his back. The idea for the Kanken backpack was thus born out of necessity. The Swede was sure that there had to be a solution and so he tinkered with his mother's sewing utensils and his father's tools in the basement to create a backpack with an innovative wooden frame. A few years later, the handyman founded Fjällräven in the same cellar. His first product was of course a backpack - this time with an aluminium frame. In the 1960s and 1970s Fjällräven's product range was expanded to include tents, sleeping bags, trousers and jackets. Just about every ambitious hiker and nature lover from Sweden chose Fjällräven products at that time. With the dream of encouraging the whole world to discover nature for themselves, the company first expanded into the other Scandinavian countries in the 1980s and then conquered Europe. The founder's vision to make nature accessible to more people has become Fjällräven's mission.
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Fjäll Räven Outlet Stores

The Swedish brand takes great care in the production of its outdoor clothing and equipment. For the sake of nature, durability and sustainability are emphasised in all areas. This includes the use of recycled and organic materials. Whenever possible, natural materials such as wool, cotton and down are used. As an outdoor company, Fjällräven does its best to minimize its ecological footprint. So when you buy a product at Fjäll räven Outlet you are also doing your part to protect the environment. An official Fjäll räven Outlet does not yet exist. Regular Fjällräven Stores with a possibly reduced Fjäll räven Outlet offer can be found in Munich, Frankfurt or Cologne. If you are looking for a Fjäll räven Outlet or want to buy Fjäll räven in a sale, the best way to find bargains is online. Especially the extensive range of backpacks and bags is often sought after at Fjäll räven Outlet or Fjäll räven Sale. Maybe one day outlet cities like Metzingen or Ingolstadt will respond to the high demand and open a Fjäll räven outlet.

Fjäll Räven for women, men & children on sale

ladies Whether it's a jacket, T-shirt, cardigan, sweater or outdoor trousers, at Fjäll räven Sale every woman will find a suitable garment in the typical Swedish simple style. The Swedish company uses high-quality materials for each product. Men Whether it's a robust parka, jacket, vest, outdoor pants, backpack, or fleece - Fjäll räven Sale offers many functional products and invites men to go shopping. Children Fjällräven's classic backpack from Sweden is also available as Kanken Mini. The small version of Kanken was created in 1978 to help prevent posture problems in Swedish school children. The size is also ideal for kindergarten children who want to carry their own water bottle or snacks. The long shoulder straps are adjustable, so the rucksack can be adapted to suit every child. In addition, every Kanken Mini has a reflective logo so that your child cannot be overlooked in traffic even in poor light conditions.
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Jackets, bags and backpacks from Fjäll Räven on sale

Jackets In 2017 the outdoor brand from Sweden was gripped by nostalgia. The company returned to where the founder first got his inspiration - to the mountains of Sweden. Thus, Fjällräven's very first legendary piece of clothing, the Greenland Jacket and the related collection, was relaunched. If you are looking for a durable companion in nature and in the city, a jacket from Fjällräven is just the thing for you. Each version of the classic Greenland Jacket has a durable fabric that is wind and water resistant. In addition, a Greenland Jacket can be treated independently with Fjällräven's Greenland Wax. The dense weave of the material makes the Greenland Jacket virtually impenetrable to mosquitoes and also protects against harmful UV rays. The Greenland Jacket is also a good choice for sweaty activities: The fabric can effectively wick away body moisture to the outside and thus ensure a pleasant wearing climate. Bags A bag from Fjällräven is the perfect companion for your daily adventures. Whether it is a travel bag, laptop bag, hip bag, or shoulder bag - you are sure to find what you are looking for at Fjäll räven Sale. Backpacks Perhaps the most important part of your outdoor equipment is a backpack from Fjällräven. It is ideal for short and long hikes and is also very useful in everyday life. The classic Kanken model is made of lightweight, durable vinyl that repels moisture and dirt. The entire main compartment can be opened with a zipper. The Kanken also has a removable seat cushion, a small front pocket, and simple shoulder straps and handles on the top. The classic Kanken backpack is now even available as a Notebook bag. The padding of the backpack protects the computer from shocks. Special hiking backpacks and hunting backpacks are also available at Fjäll räven Sale. Choose your favourite Fjällräven product in your favourite colour.

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The innovative, functional and sustainable products of the northern Swedish company with the famous arctic fox logo can also bring you closer to nature. You can look forward to a substantial saving and discover outdoor clothing, bags and backpacks at Fjäll räven Sale and Fjäll räven Outlet on salewunder.com.